Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Tarping your roof after acquiring storm damage or after the initial notice of an interior leak will not only bring you peace of mind, but it is usually required by, and fully covered by, most insurance policies. We cannot guarantee that your insurance will cover your roof tarp, but the first thing that your insurance company will ask you when you call in a claim is to ask if you have done everything possible to protect the property from additional damage. They’ll ask you to prevent further loss, and to make reasonable and necessary temporary repairs.

If you notice water damage inside your home or if a wind storm tears off shingles leaving your roof deck exposed, call Ruff Roofing immediately @ 513-400-7096. We will get to your roof as soon as we are able to safely (after the storm passes) and asses your damage. We will secure an emergency tarp over the critical area until we are able to either do the repair or replace your roof. This will prevent any further water damage occurring until the issue is fixed. This is in your best interest as well as your insurance companies. They don’t want to have to pay for any more repairs than necessary. So, they will gladly pay an emergency tarp fee verse the cost of having an entire room repainted and replacing personal property damaged due to interior water leak. We will be glad to directly bill your insurance company for the emergency tarp fee and not put you through the hassle of trying to get reimbursed from them or just paying the fee out of your own pocket as your own responsibility.

If you have already sustained interior water damage, no worries, because we are your one stop shop to handle every aspect of your claim. You don’t have to worry about finding reputable companies, vetting them, making the calls, getting estimates, and then feel confident that each of the needed trades will do satisfactory work that they will stand behind and guarantee. Luckily by calling your best Friends Ruff Roofing you can skip that headache and smile knowing all the damage will be repaired (No matter what skilled labor is required) to your satisfaction. Because we give you a fully transferable manufacture warranty as well as warranting the labor, so you will have peace of mind for the future.

To minimize your loss, and to prevent any further damage after a severe storm call Ruff Roofing & Construction @ 513-400-7096 for all your emergency service needs.  Unsure if you have damage? Contact us @ 400-7096 or click here to schedule a free roof inspection.


If you can see water spots inside on your walls or ceilings, if you have wallpaper that is peeling, or paint that is starting to crack, then it would be safe to bet that you have a leak in your roof. Call Ruff Roofing to schedule an appointment to get some emergency services. Or fill out and submit the info below to get Ruff Roofing out to your home ASAP to get a tarp over any leaking areas. This will stop any further water damage until we complete your permanent repairs.