Inspection – What to Expect

Don’t Know What to Expect from Ruff Roofing’s Free Roof Inspection?

Here is an example of what our average client experiences. This is a step by step account of how our typical process works.

This is how Ruff Roofing’s process works

  1. Free Roof Inspection. Ruff Roofing certified professionals come out to your home and perform a free shingle inspection complete with photos.
  2. Share Findings with Homeowner. The inspector will then share his findings with the homeowner. He/She will show pictures of any damage and explain his/her recommendation whether to proceed filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. If there is sufficient damage to warrant a claim:
  3. Call in Claim. Then the inspector and the homeowner call the claim into the insurance company and a date will be set for the insurance adjuster to come out to inspect the damage.
  4. Adjuster meeting. It is always best to have your contractor there when the adjuster comes. Ruff roofing will be sure that the adjuster has seen all the damage and that they are on the same page. Many times, contractors must negotiate with insurance companies, but rest assured that Ruff Roofing will go the distance for their client.
  5. Make shingle choice. After the adjuster has inspected the property and agrees to a full replacement, the homeowner can look at shingle samples and use IKO’s roof viewer  to see what their house will look like with any of the colors of shingles.
  1. Receive check. The homeowner will receive a payment from their insurance company along with the scope of loss or explanation of replacement costs. This check is usually just the actual cash value and the depreciation is being withheld until they see the completed work. With this first check Ruff Roofing can order the shingles you have picked out and schedule a day to replace your roof.
  2. Roof Replacement. This is a one-day process. The day of the replacement we have a dumpster delivered to your driveway. First the old roof is tore off and all waste materials go into this dumpster. We are careful to cover any flowers and shrubs and everything we can to avoid damaging your landscape in the replacement process.
  3. Clean up.  After installing the new shingles, Ruff Roofing cleans up thoroughly. We go over your entire yard with a magnetic broom that will pick up any nails and debris left behind.
  4. Pay Deductible. The day of the roof replacement is usually when the homeowner pays the deductible of their insurance claim. For the majority of homeowners this is the only out of pocket expense they incur.  Once the work is completed and the homeowner is satisfied, the homeowner will then sign a certificate of completion that we will turn into the insurance company which will release the final check.
  5. Receive last check. The last check the homeowner receives is for the depreciation and any supplements Ruff Roofing may have submitted to them for anything extra encountered. The homeowner then alerts Ruff Roofing that they can pick up their final payment.

Now obviously not every case will follow these steps exactly, but for most it’s a good guideline. Provided they are filing a claim through their insurance and provided the insurance company approves the claim. There are several instances where these steps won’t apply. For example, if you choose to pay out of pocket and not go through your insurance then eliminate the steps that involve insurance, steps: 3,4,6,9,10.