Do you have a leaky roof? Can you see water spots on your ceiling? Then you already know you need our Emergency Services. Call our experts @ Ruff Roofing @ 513-400-7096 or click here to schedule a time to have a tarp installed.


One of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is a fresh coat of paint! The experts here at Ruff Roofing & Construction, know this and are ready to help you with all your interior and exterior painting and staining needs as well as any pressure washing, and/or drywall services required. We take all the precautions to protect your home and your belongings prior to beginning the job and we do not finish until you are completely happy and satisfied with the project. Click Here to find out more about our all the painting services we provide.


A good time to consider replacing or upgrading your gutter is while having your roof repaired or replaced. Especially if your existing gutters are old, damaged, or unsightly.To read more about gutters and find out how Ruff Roofing & Construction can help Click Here.


Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against mother nature, so don’t neglect having a yearly roof inspection. Having your roof inspected after a hail storm or a powerful wind storm is just as important as your yearly inspection. Although, if you notice blown off shingles or other wind damage, it should become your TOP PRIORITY. So, if it has been more than a year since your last inspection or if your house has felt any one of the recent hail storms we have experienced, don’t delay another day! Call Ruff Roofing & Construction now @ 513-400-7096. As your best friend in the roofing industry and knowing the importance of roof inspections, we here @ Ruff Roofing have agreed to do roof inspections for everyone at no cost! So, call us or click here to schedule your free roof inspection from one of our professionals here at Ruff Roofing & Construction.


Having proper ventilation in your new roof may mean the difference in having a long successful trouble-free life from your roof and having continual problems or even complete failure in a very short period. Considering the high cost of installing a new roof, a few hundred dollars for additional ventilation would certainly be a smart investment. Click Here to find out more about our all the ventilation services we provide.