When hail or winds storms pass through our area we need to make sure we have our roofs inspected. By being proactive and having our roofs inspected we can avoid many costly repairs that will result if you have damage left without resolution. Call Ruff Roofing today to schedule your free roof inspection.

If You See Damage Similar to Anything in These Pictures You Need to Call Us Immediately For A Free Inspection!

Hail Damage - Hard to see from the ground level
Wind Damage - Lifted shingles
Wind Damage - Missing shingles

Step By Step Guide For After A Storm

After a storm hits and you’ve looked after the important things first, such as your family’s safety, it’s time to inspect your roof.

  • From ground level, do a visual inspection. Look for shingles that may have blown off, exposing the wood of the roof deck below.
  • Check your yard, too, for blown-off shingles that you may not see when looking at the roof itself.
  • Ensure that no siding, soffit, fascia, or roof structures have been torn or damaged.
  • Check that the gutters have not been damaged and that downpipes remain firmly attached.
  • If it’s safe to do so, and you are comfortable getting on your roof, then climb up and complete your inspection.
  • Leaks and water stains inside your home are a sure indication of roof damage.
  • Take detailed notes of anything you notice that doesn’t seem right.
  • Call Ruff Roofing for a free inspection of damage you may have missed, and damage not easily seen with an untrained eye.

Important to note:If the storm contained hail, then a professional trained to recognize hail damage needs to inspect the roof. Hail damage can not be seen from the ground. This kind of damage left untreated can lead to much worse damage such as interior water leaks.